I'd love to speak to you about your wedding day and give you an overview of our services!
I'd love to speak to you about your wedding day and give you an overview of our services!

I thought I would share some advice with you on how you (as a bride) can help your wedding photographer capture the perfect getting-ready wedding photos. I hope you find this useful as you plan your wedding. You can see more beautiful brides getting ready on our website and be sure to check the rest of the blog for more real weddings and inspiration.

1. Provide us with a scenic backdrop.

Choose an area with plenty of space and light, a high ceiling, a bright open feeling. If your venue does not have an attractive, spacious bridal suite, then splurge on a hotel room – you can use it for your wedding night too. Choose a boutique hotel rather than a large chain. There will be more character and it will feel less formulaic as a background. The location you choose will determine the overall style of your photos. Whether the feeling is vintage, modern or romantic, the location is key.

2. Keep the room tidy.

Designate a closet for coats and bags and discard any packing material and refuse. Put a person in charge of this so you do not have to worry and the photographer does not have to waste time cleaning. If you stayed there the night before, perhaps you can request room service to tidy up before the photographer’s arrival.

3. Bring the invitation.

This is a great time for us to take some shots of it.

4.  Have your hair and makeup finished

We just need a finishing touches photo of the makeup touch ups. Ask your bridesmaids, relatives and anyone present to be dressed or in their robes before the photographer arrives. They will be in the shots when you are getting ready.

5. Wear a nice white robe.

This looks far better in pictures than sweatpants. If you are wearing a satin robe, make sure to steam it for a crisp look.

6. Bring a hanger for your dress.

You can purchase a custom made hanger in advance or a nice wooden hanger works just as well. The dress will come with a plastic one, which usually does not look as nice in pictures.

7. Unpack the dress

Have someone in your party unpack and hang the dress, and remove the stuffing and packing for clean, beautiful images.

8. Clear space near a window.

Photographers love window light and this will provide the best result. The hair and makeup artists can pack up their tools and keep out a makeup brush for finishing touches photo, so that there is space for the photographer to move around.

9. Bring Props

Bring a beautiful hand held mirror if you have one. Offer the photographer the opportunity to get a shot of you looking into it. Another nice thing to have is a mirrored tray like you see in this beautiful wedding.

10. Have the rings with someone in the room.

This is a good time to get shots of your engagement ring and the wedding bands.

11. Have the floral bouquets delivered to the room.

I love using bouquets in the getting ready shots. If the florist has some extra clippings we might use those too.

12. Involve those close to you in the preparations.

You can give each person an activity for a good photo op. Perhaps a sister can button up the dress, a bridesmaid can help with your shoes, your mother can put on your veil. A photo of the first time your father sees you is always very touching. We are aware that every family situation is different, so it is up to you to decide who does what.

13. Choose a suite with good light.

Open up the curtains and allow the natural light in to enhance your photographs.

14. Relax and smile!

If you are nervous or anxious that will show in the photos. Enjoy your special day and do not worry about a thing!

We hope these tips help you get the perfect getting-ready wedding photos!


How to Help Your Photographer Achieve Amazing Getting-Ready Photographs


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