Bradie and Brian, 1 Hanover Square Wedding Photography

December 14, 2019

Photographers: Emma and Asya
Venue: 1 Hanover Square
Catering and event: Masterpiece Caterers

There is no better venue than 1 Hanover Square for a winter wedding, especially one around Christmas time. Its cozy rooms and artistically-decorated walls photograph beautifully against a wedding couple’s black and white clothing. Each room is like no other space you will find for wedding backdrops, from the blue walls of the Blue Bar to the red walls, cozy fireplaces, and abundant chandeliers of the Hanover Room. Plus, around the holidays, the venue is decked out with plenty of garlands, nutcrackers, wreaths, and a giant Christmas tree. Bradie and Brian held their wedding around Christmas time to bring the joy of the holidays into their special day. They purchased wooden, carved Christmas ornaments bearing the image of 1 Hanover Square’s historic building with their names and wedding date. Joyous holiday themes aside, this couple was truly wonderful to work with, sweet and thoughtful, kind and gracious. We thoroughly enjoyed capturing all of their stunning, memorable images.