Hempstead House

Nestled on Long Island's picturesque Sand's Point Preserve, Hempstead House is a captivating canvas for wedding photography. This historic mansion, also known as Sand's Point Preserve, embodies timeless elegance with its grand ballrooms, intricate moldings, and breathtaking Long Island Sound views. The venue's manicured gardens and sweeping staircases provide enchanting settings for capturing intimate moments. Our passion for Long Island weddings finds its perfect match in the rich history and opulent details of Hempstead House. Whether framed by the grandeur of the architecture or the natural beauty of the surroundings, every shot encapsulates the romance and magic of the day. Trust us to preserve your love story against the backdrop of this Long Island gem, where history meets the art of timeless wedding photography.

127 Middle Neck Rd, Sands Point, NY 

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