bryant park grill

Jess and Bill, Bryant Park Grill Wedding Videography, Highlight Reel

September 22, 2023

Jess and Bill’s wedding day at Bryant Park Grill unfolded like a dream. Our skilled videographer, Michael  documented the lovely couple in his signature photojournalistic style. This beautiful day began with the couple’s first look photoshoot against the backdrop of Bryant Park. The iconic ivy wall outside the venue added a touch of charm to every frame. We then guided the couple to the New York Public Library to capture more breathtaking moments against it’s stunning facade.

Lara, the extraordinary event planner from The Privilege is Mine, worked her magic to transform the space into a romantic haven. Candles flickered and floral arrangements adorned the surroundings, every detail was meticulously arranged to set the stage for the couple’s grand entrance.

The evening unfolded with joy and excitement. Michael captured the lively energy of the crowd and Jess and Bill’s love story came to life against the backdrop of the iconic Bryant Park Grill. A perfectly authentic wedding video that will be cherished for a lifetime.