I'd love to speak to you about your wedding day and give you an overview of our services!
I'd love to speak to you about your wedding day and give you an overview of our services!

A St Regis Wedding, sophisticated and timeless wedding videography

Capturing Kayla and Alex’s wedding video at the St. Regis New York was an incredible experience for our team at Emma Cleary Photo and Video.

The opulent setting of the St. Regis, with its Beaux-Arts architecture and lavish interiors, provided a stunning backdrop that perfectly complemented the elegance and sophistication of Kayla and Alex’s wedding. From the moment we arrived, we were captivated by the grandeur of the venue, which seamlessly blended historical charm with modern luxury. The iconic ballroom, with its crystal chandeliers and gilded details, set the stage for a truly magical ceremony and reception. Kayla and Alex’s love story unfolded beautifully against this luxurious backdrop, and we were thrilled to capture every heartfelt moment. The rooftop terrace, with its breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, offered a picturesque setting for some of the most stunning shots of the day. The natural light and cityscape created a romantic and ethereal atmosphere that perfectly complemented the couple’s joy and love. Throughout the day, the impeccable service and attention to detail provided by the St. Regis staff ensured that everything ran smoothly, allowing Kayla and Alex to fully immerse themselves in their celebration. Our approach to filming their wedding video focused on capturing the candid, intimate moments that defined their special day, while also creating striking, composed shots that highlighted the opulence of the venue. We used the latest drone technology and lighting techniques to ensure that every moment was captured in stunning detail. Working with Kayla and Alex at the St. Regis New York was a true pleasure, and we are honored to have been a part of their unforgettable wedding day.

Kayla and Alex, The St Regis New York Wedding Video

The St Regis New York

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