Liberty House wedding

Christine and Jesse, Liberty House Wedding & Event Venue Videography, Highlight Reel

November 11, 2023

Liberty House Wedding & Event Venue Videography, Highlight Reel


Liberty House wedding & event venue video highlight reel

Edison and Paul-Emile beautifully captured this romantic wedding video at Liberty House wedding & event venue on a stunning November day. As the golden light cascaded through the windows of the train station, we knew we were in for something special. Transitioning seamlessly, we ventured to the waterfront, where this young and romantic couple blessed us with countless precious moments.

At Liberty House wedding & event venue, the ceremony was truly extraordinary. Moreover, the majestic backdrop of the NYC skyline, illuminated by the setting sun, made it a sight to behold. Our videographers skillfully captured the emotional post-ceremony moments against the picturesque setting of Liberty State Park.

Throughout the evening, Christine and Jesse exuded glamour and grace, providing our cameras with ample opportunities to capture their elegance during the wedding reception. From the intimate moments to the grand celebrations, our team beautifully documented every aspect of their day.

Furthermore, we maximized the stunning locations Liberty State Park had to offer. From the charming train station to the breathtaking waterfront views, we ensured that we captured every angle with precision and artistry. We employed our signature photojournalistic approach to shooting and edititing to ensure a natural, authentic result.

In conclusion, Christine and Jesse’s wedding at Liberty State Park was a testament to love, beauty, and the power of storytelling through photography and videography. We, at Emma Cleary Photo and Video, are honored to have been a part of their special day. We have captured countless beautiful weddings in the tri-state area, check out our videography page to take a peek at some more beautiful memories.