I'd love to speak to you about your wedding day and give you an overview of our services!
I'd love to speak to you about your wedding day and give you an overview of our services!

A Perfect Day at Blue Hill at Stone Barns captured by Asya

Blue Hill at Stone Barns aka Blue Hill Farm captivates wedding photographers and videographers alike with its blend of rustic charm and refined elegance. Nestled in the picturesque Hudson Valley, this venue offers a stunning natural backdrop with sprawling gardens, lush pastures, and historic barns. It’s a place where nature and sophistication meet, creating a magical setting for any wedding celebration.

Capturing the Moments

We had the pleasure of capturing a beautiful micro wedding at Blue Hill Farm, where Asya shot an incredible wedding video. The venue’s farm-to-table philosophy adds a unique touch, ensuring that every aspect of the event feels intimate and organic. On this day, we were blessed with perfect weather, which only enhanced the already breathtaking scenery. The glorious sunshine and rustic surroundings provided the ideal backdrop for our shoot, allowing us to create a stunning wedding film that beautifully captured the essence of the day.

A Shorter Edit

Our four-hour shoot was carefully planned to capture all the pivotal moments of this intimate wedding celebration. From the heartfelt vows exchanged in the garden to the joyful dancing in the barn, every moment was filled with love and laughter. Asya’s expert videography ensured that each precious memory was preserved in high-quality footage. We’ve created a shorter edit of their wedding film that highlights the most memorable moments, making it a perfect keepsake for the couple.

The Venue Experience

Blue Hill Farm is not just a venue; it’s an experience. The venue’s ever-changing landscape provides endless opportunities for breathtaking shots that tell a couple’s love story in a truly magical setting. Whether capturing the golden glow of sunset over the fields or the cozy, candle-lit warmth of the reception barn, every moment at Blue Hill is picture-perfect.

For couples seeking a venue with both charm and sophistication, Blue Hill Farm is a dream come true. The combination of rustic beauty and modern elegance makes it a favorite among wedding photographers and videographers. We are thrilled to have been a part of this special day and to have captured these unforgettable moments through both our photography and videography services.

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Lila and Chris, Blue Hill at Stone Barns Wedding Video Highlight Reel


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