I'd love to speak to you about your wedding day and give you an overview of our services!
I'd love to speak to you about your wedding day and give you an overview of our services!

New York City, with its iconic skyline, vibrant culture, and diverse neighborhoods, offers an abundance of stunning wedding venues for couples seeking the perfect backdrop for their special day. From elegant ballrooms to industrial-chic spaces, each venue holds its own unique charm, ensuring that every love story finds its perfect setting. In this blog, we present our handpicked selection of 22 favorite NYC wedding venues. Each embodying the city’s spirit of romance, luxury, and picturesque beauty.


The Plaza Hotel: Timeless Elegance and Grandeur

The Plaza Hotel needs no introduction. With its storied history and luxurious event spaces, this iconic venue sets the stage for a fairytale wedding. From the opulent Grand Ballroom to the enchanting Terrace Room, The Plaza offers an unparalleled level of sophistication and grandeur.

The Plaza Hotel wedding


The Liberty Warehouse: A Waterfront Dream in Brooklyn

Overlooking the New York Harbor, Liberty Warehouse offers sweeping views of the Statue of Liberty and the city skyline. This picturesque waterfront venue promises a dreamy and romantic setting for an unforgettable wedding.


The Liberty Warehouse wedding

Blue Hill at Stone Barns: Rustic Elegance 

Nestled just outside the bustling heart of New York City, this unique venue transports couples and guests to a world of rustic elegance and tranquil beauty. With its sprawling fields, charming barns, and organic gardens, Blue Hill at Stone Barns creates an atmosphere that feels both idyllic and authentic.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns wedding


Oheka Castle: A Fairytale Castle on Long Island

Oheka Castle, a magnificent historic castle on Long Island’s Gold Coast, transports couples to a fairytale world with its grand gardens and regal ballrooms, making it a dreamy setting for an elegant and unforgettable wedding.


Oheka Castle wedding

Gotham Hall: Opulent Grandeur in Midtown

Since its inception, Gotham Hall’s grand architecture and soaring dome have consistently exuded opulent grandeur, offering a majestic and luxurious space for an extravagant and glamorous wedding.

Gotham Hall: Opulent Grandeur in Midtown


The Pierre: Elegance Redefined

Nestled along the iconic Fifth Avenue in New York City, The Pierre stands as a beacon of timeless elegance and sophistication. This historic venue, with its neoclassical architecture and opulent interiors, offers a wedding experience that is nothing short of breathtaking. From the moment you step into the grand foyer, adorned with crystal chandeliers and marble accents, you’re transported into a world of luxury and glamor.

The Pierre wedding

The River Cafe: Romantic Waterside Charm

This iconic location provides an intimate haven where couples can exchange vows surrounded by the gentle lull of the East River and the dazzling Manhattan skyline. With its intimate dining rooms adorned with twinkling lights and panoramic views, The River Cafe creates an atmosphere that feels like a fairytale come to life.


The View at the Battery: Captivating Heights and Breathtaking Splendor

What sets The View at the Battery apart is its ability to showcase the city’s grandeur while providing an intimate ambiance. As couples exchange vows against the backdrop of the skyline’s golden hues, the essence of New York’s romance is palpable. The blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty creates a space where dreams are elevated to new heights.  


Manhatta: Modern Glamour with Panoramic Views

With floor-to-ceiling windows and awe-inspiring views, Manhatta provide a contemporary and luxurious space to celebrate love with the Manhattan skyline as a breathtaking backdrop. Since we are on the recommended vendor list, we love this venue even more!

manhatta wedding


Bryant Park Grill: Urban Chic and Culinary Excellence

Situated in the heart of New York City, The Bryant Park Grill is a haven of urban chic and culinary excellence. Overlooking the iconic Bryant Park, this venue seamlessly blends modern sophistication with the vibrant energy of Midtown Manhattan.

Bryant Park Grill wedding

Rainbow Room: An Iconic Landmark for Extravagance

As an iconic NYC landmark, the Rainbow Room boasts Art Deco elegance, a revolving dance floor, and breathtaking city views. It remains an unparalleled choice for a sophisticated and glamorous celebration.


Weylin: Historial Grandeur

This iconic wedding venue, housed in a former bank building, boasts unparalleled opulence with its soaring ceilings, ornate architecture, and lavish details. The seamless blend of historic charm and contemporary luxury creates an ambiance that’s as timeless as it is captivating.


610 and 620 Loft & Garden: A Serene Oasis Above Rockefeller Center

Located atop Rockefeller Center, this rooftop garden venue provides a serene oasis amidst the bustling city. Its lush greenery and breathtaking views create an intimate and elegant setting for a rooftop wedding. 

620 Loft and Garden

Tribeca Rooftop: A Chic Rooftop Retreat

Overlooking the Hudson River, Tribeca Rooftop is the epitome of chic luxury. Its rooftop terrace offers panoramic views of the city and an elegant backdrop for a stylish and upscale wedding.


New York Public Library: Historic Elegance and Literary Romance

The historic Stephen A. Schwarzman Building at the New York Public Library provides an awe-inspiring setting for a wedding steeped in literary romance and timeless elegance.

new york public library wedding



Wave Hill: Serene Beauty Along the Hudson

This botanical garden and cultural center provides an enchanting backdrop of lush gardens, serene woodlands, and stunning views of the river and Palisades. With its captivating landscapes and serene ambiance, Wave Hill creates an atmosphere that feels both ethereal and intimate.


The Union League Club: Timeless Grace

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, the Union League Club offers a wedding venue that’s a testament to classic elegance and refined charm. With its historic architecture and an air of sophistication, this venue creates an ambiance that transports couples and guests to a world of timeless magnificence. From the moment you step into its majestic foyer, you’re immersed in a world of luxury and regal beauty.


The Garrison Golf Club: Nature’s Beauty in the Hudson Valley

Nestled in the Hudson Valley, The Garrison Golf Club offers a scenic and picturesque setting with stunning views of the Hudson River and surrounding mountains, therefore making it an idyllic location for a nature-inspired wedding.


Lotte New York Palace: Opulence in the Heart of Manhattan

Located on Madison Avenue, Lotte New York Palace exudes timeless elegance and luxury, providing an upscale and sophisticated space for a lavish wedding celebration.



Hempstead House: Gatsby-Era Grandeur on the Waterfront

Located within Sands Point Preserve, Hempstead House offers Gatsby-era grandeur with picturesque waterfront views. Thus, providing a timeless and romantic setting for an enchanting wedding celebration.


Yale Club: Academic Excellence and Urban Glamour

This venue’s classic charm and refined interiors provide a captivating backdrop for weddings that exude both prestige and romance. As you step into its elegant halls adorned with rich woodwork and historic artifacts, you’re transported into a world where tradition meets modern luxury. 


New York City presents an exquisite array of wedding venues that reflect its diversity, history, and romantic allure.  We are honored to be part of the love stories that happen at each of them. From opulent ballrooms to charming rooftops and waterfront oases. Each venue offers a unique and picturesque backdrop for couples to embark on their journey of love and celebration.


Whether you envision a classic fairytale wedding or a modern and trendy affair. These venues in New York City are our favorite picks for creating unforgettable and magical memories in the heart of the city that never sleeps. In fact, the most magical aspect of celebrating love in NYC is the multitude of choices it offers. No matter the couple’s style, vision, or cultural background. There is a perfect venue waiting to bring their dreams to life in this bustling metropolis.

Love in the City: Our Favorite New York Wedding Venues


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