romantic rain photo

Rainy wedding day photography tips

December 8, 2023

We have shot hundreds of beautiful weddings over the years and quite a few of them were on rainy days! Rain or shine we will be there with bells on. I have put together some beautiful rainy day wedding photos and tips on how to plan in case it rains on your wedding day. Hopefully this will offer you some reassurance that rain on your wedding day can actually be a beautiful thing.

Embrace the Romance:

romantic rainy wedding photo


Rain can add a romantic touch to your photos. Embrace the weather, and trust our team to capture great shots despite the unplanned weather. We think there is something so special about rainy wedding day photos and can capture amazing shots for you rain or shine!


Stay Positive:

rainy NYC wedding photo

Keep a positive mindset. A positive attitude can turn a rainy day into a unique and memorable experience.


Cherish the Candid Moments:

rainy wedding photography

Rainy days often bring out candid moments and good photo ops. Cherish these spontaneous moments for authentic memories.

Flexible Timeline:

rainy wedding day

Be open to adjusting the timeline. A little flexibility allows your photographer to capture magical moments as they unfold, rain or shine. You may also need to consider travel time if plans change due to the rain.


Invest in Stylish Umbrellas:


Consider getting chic and complementary umbrellas that can serve as both practical accessories and charming photo props. Like these ones on Amazon!


Take Care of Your Dress:

groom holding bride's dress

We all know that wedding dresses are not waterproof. However we think it looks great to scoop up your train and throw it over your arm, or very cute when the groom carries the train for the bride.


Plan for Covered Spaces:

Doorway wedding photos

Choose a venue with indoor options or covered areas to provide a dry and beautiful setting for photos. If that is not possible, there are a few locations in New York City which are public that you can get some shelter from the rain. The New York Public Library has a beautiful entrance, truly gorgeous and photographs like a dream! There is the Ladies Pavillion in Central Park, quite small though, great for a ceremony. And the go to for us for rain backup plans is Grand Central. You can get a permit on their website.


Consider Indoor Locations for Your Portraits:

rain backup photo location

If rain is expected, consider using alternate locations for your portraits. Like this wedding, the beautiful chuppah was used as the background for their family portraits since it was too wet to do them outside. Repurposing your flowers and chuppah as photo backgrounds is an excellent idea.


Trust Your Photographer:

rain photo with steam

Trust your photographer’s expertise in making the most of the situation. They know how to capture beautiful moments in all conditions.


Have a Backup Plan for Your Ceremony:

Indoor wedding ceremony

If you planned an outdoor ceremony, have a backup plan in place. A tent or indoor space can save the day, just like in this lovely wedding video.

Plan for Reflections:

reflection in puddle photo

Look for puddles and reflective surfaces for creative photo opportunities. Rainy days can add an artistic element to your pictures.


Lighting Adjustments:

soft lighting photo

Understand that natural light on a rainy day can be soft and flattering. Trust your photographer to adjust settings for the best results.


Capture the Raindrops:

raindrops in wedding photo

Encourage your photographer to capture close-ups of raindrops on flowers, leaves, or even your wedding attire for artistic and enchanting images.