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Sofia and Lambros, Glen Island Harbour Club Wedding Video, Feature Film

January 17, 2024

Glen Island Harbour Club Wedding Video

Michael and George, beautifully captured this Glen Island Harbour Club Greek Wedding Video.

On a beautiful May day, our talented videographers, Michael and George, expertly captured the essence of this Greek wedding celebration. Collaborating with yet another delightful Greek couple, we immersed ourselves in the rich traditions and vibrant ambiance of this grand occasion.

Our journey commenced at the homes of the bride and groom, where we documented the narrative of their upbringing. It is undeniably heartwarming to encapsulate the inaugural moments of the day within the familiar settings of their childhood residences. Thereby imparting a layer of significance to each meticulously captured frame. The sacred Greek wedding ceremony unfolded at The Holy Resurrection in Old Brookville. Our favorite moment was the symbolic crowning of the bride and groom—a moment evoking the enchantment reminiscent of a fairy tale. We also loved the moment where the bride and groom exited the church. It’s always a fantastic shot!

Transitioning seamlessly, we proceeded to The Glen Island Harbor Club in New Rochelle. First, we captured the wedding cocktail hour and then the reception. Our lenses focused with precision on the couple’s waterfront promenade, effortlessly immortalizing their chic and romantic interludes. The venue’s exterior provided a captivating canvas for us to eloquently articulate the narrative of their enduring love.

As the festivities began, speeches, and spirited dancing permeated the atmosphere. Our unwavering commitment to perfection led us to create a timeless and vivid portrayal of this extraordinary day for our cherished couple. Check out the highlight reel of this beautiful wedding here.