Stephanie and Ernest, 1 Hanover Square Wedding Photography

February 16, 2019

Photographers: Emma and Asya
Venue: 1 Hanover Square
Catering and event: Masterpiece Caterers

I always love a beautiful winter wedding at 1 Hanover Square. Its vibrant and cozy decor make the perfect setting for wedding photography. In this event, we also had the pleasure of working with one of our favorite wedding vendors, Fleur du Mois – Jay and Al did an amazing job as always, and their bright blossoms added so much to the photographs. We are forever discovering new ways to image this exquisite venue, and Masterpiece Caterers uniquely designs each wedding, which makes the experience and the photos special and bespoke for every couple. Asya and I were fortunate to have a lovely duo to work with, both of whom wore huge smiles all day and were as open, warm, and kindhearted as they appear in their photos.