I'd love to speak to you about your wedding day and give you an overview of our services!
I'd love to speak to you about your wedding day and give you an overview of our services!

If you’re seeking editorial wedding photography, you have found the perfect team.

Our studio skillfully combines editorial, traditional and photojournalistic styles to weave a seamless narrative of your special day.

I often get the question, what is editorial wedding photography? Editorial means that the image is “print-worthy” while this may be a vague and broad definition, in the context of a wedding you can imagine this means that the photos could belong in a fashion magazine.  I would like to break down the basics of this style in this article. We pride ourselves on our editorial photos, i.e. beautiful portraits, our traditional photos, i.e. family portraits and the like, and our candid and fun shots i.e. photojournalism. All of these amazing styles are an integral part of being a fantastic wedding photographer. When you work with us, you don’t have to choose one style, we blend them all seamlessly.

editorial wedding photographer

Editorial Wedding Photography can be defined as;

  1. Posed Elegance:

    • Editorial wedding photography specializes in capturing elegantly posed moments, reflecting a fashion-inspired style that adds a touch of sophistication to your special day.
  2. Fashion-Forward Storytelling:

    • It emphasizes a fashion-forward storytelling approach, where carefully curated poses contribute to a narrative that unfolds with grace and style.
  3. Artistic Direction:

    • With a keen eye for artistic direction, editorial photographers curate scenes, guiding subjects to create visually striking compositions that showcase the couple’s style and personality.
  4. Emphasis on Aesthetics:

    • Aesthetic considerations play a key role, with an emphasis on creating visually stunning images that showcase the couple, their attire, and the overall ambiance in a polished and refined manner.
  5. Crafting a Styled Narrative:

    • Editorial wedding photography crafts a styled narrative, ensuring that each photograph contributes to a cohesive and visually impressive story of the wedding day.
  6. Blending Fashion with Tradition:

    • By blending elements of fashion photography with traditional wedding imagery, editorial style delivers a unique blend that captures the romance and sophistication of the occasion.

Getting Ready

Our editorial wedding photography style typically shines through during our “getting ready photos” and “first look photoshoot.” This is when we love to capture the beautiful fashion aspects of a wedding. During bride prep we capture beauty shots, as you would see in a cosmetics ad. Our brides looking poised and glamorous as they prepare for their wedding day.

editorial bride prep photos


The First Look

Additionally, we capture stunning editorial shots during our bride and groom photoshoot which happens just after the first look. The first look itself can be more of a photojournalistic moment. But more about that later! Being a fantastic wedding photographer means being able to switch gears quickly between photojournalism (capturing the events of the day with no interference), traditional wedding photography (family portraits and such) and editorial wedding photography (posing people, getting creative and seeking a fashion forward style)

editorial first look photos


The Bridal Party Photos

A lovely bridal party shot can also be an editorial moment! Even sometimes a family photo. However these shots would typically be considered more “Traditional wedding photography” due to the nature of the subject matter.

editorial wedding party photos


Wedding Ceremony

The photojournalism typically comes in later on in the day. After we have done all our editorial posed shots, we put on another hat and become your wedding photojournalists! The ceremony is the perfect time to shoot in a photojournalistic style.

photojournalistic wedding ceremony photos


The Exit!

After the ceremony is another fantastic candid moment that you’ll want to capture with the same energy. We love a good exit photo!

wedding church exit photos


Cocktail Hour

During the cocktail hour, we typically shoot traditional portraits of your guests, photojournalistic shots of the guests and wedding party mingling, and if we have a nice opportunity for sunset photos we will shoot those in an editorial or photojournalistic style, depending on the vibe!

cocktail hour photos



For the reception, we rarely pose any shots, unless requested by the couple. We like to capture your reception in a candid, fly on the wall manner so that we are not interfering with the festivities, but rather documenting them in the most beautiful way possible, authentically.

editorial wedding photos


In Conclusion

One of the most creative aspects of photography is being able to use a multitude of photographic styles in the same session. We are fortunate as wedding photographers to be able to employ these skills to create cherished memories for our dear clients. Reach out today to discuss your vision and preference and let’s see if we can make it happen for you!

wedding photo with sparklers


Editorial and Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

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