I'd love to speak to you about your wedding day and give you an overview of our services!
I'd love to speak to you about your wedding day and give you an overview of our services!

Congratulations! Your sweet baby is here, or on it’s way. You’ll probably want to capture your little nugget at this adorable stage and hold on to these cherished images forever. The next step is planning your newborn session. I wrote these tips to help answer some frequently asked questions and help make this process a bit smoother.


When should I book the newborn session?
I recommend that you reach out to the photographer you would like to shoot with while you are pregnant, give the photographer an idea of when you expect the delivery and then firm up the date once the baby arrives. Receive a contract to review so that everything is all set to go once the baby arrives.


How should I prepare for the newborn session?
Try to keep the baby awake for 1-2 hours before the photo session. Clear your afternoon and turn off your phone! You will be hands on at the session.


What time of day should I schedule my newborn session?
It is best to schedule a newborn session in the morning, babies tend to sleep better in the morning than in the afternoon.

What is the best age for newborn photos?
I strongly suggest trying to shoot within the first two weeks, after that they are more difficult to get settled in those cute newborn poses.


Is 1 month too old for newborn photos?
It is possible to create beautiful photos with a baby of any age. You may not be able to do all of the newborn poses at 1 month, most likely the baby will need to be wrapped in order to feel settled and sleep for the shoot.


How should newborns pose for newborn photos?
Your photographer should be able to get the baby into a few different poses during the shoot, you won’t need to learn anything beforehand, but the photographer will need you to stand close by at all times and place your hands on the baby from time to time.


What should I expect at a newborn session?
There will be long periods of waiting for the baby to settle, short bursts of photos during sleeping periods and outfit or set changes.


How long does a newborn session take?
Newborn sessions typically take around 2-4 hours, depending on what types of photos you have agreed upon in your contract.


How do I decide on what outfit or colors to choose?
I recommend thinking about what colors you would like to choose for the background and props rather than leaving it up to the photographer. You might want to choose something that goes with the decor in your baby’s bedroom, if you are not sure, white looks great for boys or girls. I prefer light pastel or earthy tones, and I try to keep it simple by not using too many props, so that the baby is really featured and you are not distracted with lots of other visual clutter.

What do I need to bring for a newborn session?
Always bring a pacifier (dummy), even if the baby has never used one before, it might help a very fussy baby to get settled.
Baby’s clothing, your photographer may have special newborn photoshoot props and clothing but you can also bring some pieces and discuss with your photographer.
Your regular diaper bag – blankets, diapers, wipes, changing pad, poo bags.
Anything you need for feeding baby including bottles, formula, water, breastmilk etc.
Also bring some snacks for yourself, it might be a longer shoot than anticipated.
Bring your outfits for family portraits if you have them in your contract. White or pastel colors always photograph well and are suitable for this occasion. You can’t go wrong with blue and white color scheme for any member of the family
A change of clothes for everyone involved might be a good idea since a full naked baby might make a bit of a mess.

What safety measures should I take into consideration?
Stay in the room with your baby at all times, always be within an arms reach. If you don’t feel comfortable with a pose or with how the photographer is handling your baby you should definitely speak up. Baby’s head and neck always need to be supported, if the baby does not want to be in a particular pose then don’t push it, some babies are more flexible than others.

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10 tips to get the most out of your newborn photo session


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